MASK-NE - What is it? Do I have it? How do I treat it?

MASK-NE - What is it? Do I have it? How do I treat it?

It’s a term we have seen a lot lately, but what exactly is Mask-ne?

Mask-ne is a blend of two words: Mask & Acne.

Face masks have become as much of a necessity as your wallet and keys when it comes to leaving the house and it is no wonder with all of this mask wearing, we are seeing lots of cases of dermatitis, acne, redness and flaky skin. The areas affected are usually around the mouth, chin, nose and sometimes behind the ears where the mask loops rub.
Don’t get me wrong, masks are 100% necessary in this current climate and it’s how we protect ourselves during the pandemic but what does that mean for your skin?

You have come to the right place!! Here are some helpful tips to help combat Mask-ne:


No makeup under your mask.

Lets’ face it, lockdown is hardly the time for putting on glam makeup. It’s more a fuzzy socks and loungewear situation - definitely a bonus. Wearing no makeup underneath your masks can definitely help when it comes to Mask-ne. Allowing your skin to breathe and be as clean as possible while having it covered up is less likely to cause skin irritation and pesky breakouts.
If you need a little something to leave the house, opt for a BB cream or skincare foundation that provides coverage whilst caring for your skin.

Replace or wash your mask regularly. If you’re using a disposable mask, make sure you replace it daily or as often as recommended by health professionals. If you’re using a fabric mask, make sure you wash it between uses to ensure there is no bacteria lurking on the mask. Since masks are covering our nose and mouth you want to ensure it's super clean and you’re not breathing in any nasties.

Less stripping and active products, give your skin some love! As soon as we see a pimple on our face, we want to douse it acids and burn it off but in the case of Mask-ne less is more. Your skin needs barrier repair and soothing not aggressive products and exfoliation. Try products that soothe and calm the skin because when your microbiome is happy (the eco system on your skins surface that guards against pathogens) your skin overall is happy.

Whenever possible allow your skin to breathe. If you’re at home, in your backyard, somewhere safe to take your mask off, let your skin breathe! Taking our masks off is the new taking your bra off at the end of the day! Let the natural air touch your skin whenever possible.

Choose a different type of mask – a skincare mask! Treat yourself to a nourishing, hydrating, soothing mask 1-3 times a week. The right skincare routine can do wonders for your skin.

Remember, we are all in this together. Beauty at Bliss may be closed but we are always here to discuss your skin needs. Not sure what product is right for you? Organise a virtual skin consultation and we can prescribe exactly the right products for you.

Below are some suggestions for battling Mask-ne:

  • SKIN by Beauty at Bliss Balance Lotion
  • SKIN by Beauty at Bliss Nourish Oil
  • Dermaviduals Oleogel Plus
  • Dermaviduals Individual Mask
  • Skin Juice Green Balm
  • Epi Nouvelle Sheet Masks
  • SKIN by Beauty at Bliss BB Cream
  • Deco Foundation


All products are available via our online store:

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The staff at Bliss made me feel so comfortable. I was so embarrassed about my skin and taking my makeup off but seeing the girls at Bliss over the past few months has totally changed my skin. I'm feeling more confident and i've even had a few makeup free days!
Hayley F.
I have been going to Bliss for 8 years now and I always leave happy. The girls are great and really know their stuff. Most recently I had my bridal spray tan there along with my bridesmaids and the colour was beautiful. Can’t fault the girls at Bliss. Highly recommend.
Kristen K.
I have had problem skin for as long as I can remember. I decided to try a facial at Bliss and after just one treatment I could see results. The owner, Jess, put me on a skincare program for 12 weeks and the change in my skin is amazing. I have my confidence back and a smile on my face. So happy!!!
Laura C.