Where do we start?

Being a teen or an in-between can be hard enough. Hormones going crazy, school, friendships, mum and dad being total buzz kills so combining all of that with troubled skin is a recipe for disaster.

How do we treat teen skin?

Firstly, be gentle.

At the first sign of a breakout, we poke and pick and pop. I know, I know, its super tempting to squeeze. There is a giant pimple that feels big enough to have its own postcode right on your forehead but…. squeezing can be more harmful than good.

Excessive squeezing can damage the surrounding skin causing acne pigmentation, inflammation and even scarring. Not to mention squeezing the bacteria out of a pimple and smearing it all over your face is like sending up a bright red flare for your skin to create more pimples…. yep, a pimple party! A gathering of red, sore, spots are now having a party right on your face. Told you squeezing wasn’t the best move.

Now you’re probably thinking, wait a minute I have had my pimples squeezed when I’ve had a facial treatment, and you’d be right. Trained professionals are exactly that, trained professionals. Skin therapists study skin and know the wrong and right ways to extract a pimple. Oh, and sometimes we don’t. If the spot is sore, inflamed we leave it alone.

Sometimes letting your skin do its thing is the best course of action.

 How do we help our skin when it is having a flare up?

Invest in good quality skincare. A simple 3 step routine would include a cleanser, moisturiser and spot treatment. Obviously, there is more you could add like a treatment mask and serums but that can come later. Initially less is more. Especially if you’re just starting out on your skincare journey.

Help me, I’m oily!

Are you really oily or are you actually dehydrated?

We typically have 2 skin types. Dry or Oily with variations on this scale. Have you ever felt like you look like a shiny disco ball but you feel dry and tight at the same time? Skin like this lacks the ability to produce good quality oil so if your skin feels dry but looks oily, your skin is actually dehydrated. It is important to moisturise your skin even if you feel oily or look shiny. Your oil glands will start pumping out sebum to protect the skin's barrier if it feels like it isn’t hydrated enough. Oh, and up your water intake, internal hydration is just as important.


There are internal supplements you can take to help your skin. Essential fatty acids or EFAs are a fave of ours as they have amazing anti-inflammatory properties. They also work to improve the quality of the oil that your skin naturally produces. When you have good quality oil this oil can flow more freely through the pores and aid in the protection of the skin’s barrier. If you have poor quality oil it can be thick and sticky and clog the pores creating congestion. Remember that pimple party we spoke about earlier, taking EFAs is like hiring a bouncer to keep them out!

Change your pillowcase!

We spend a lot of our time in bed. Approximately 229,961 in a lifetime based on 8hrs a night. A silk pillow case is also a great option as silk doesn’t absorb as much oil and moisture as cotton. We recommend changing your pillow case often to avoid sleeping on bacteria.

What products should I be looking for?

Firstly, get a proper skin consultation. There are lots of reasons why your skin may be reacting the way it is from the giant tub of Ben and Jerry’s you devoured while binge watching Netflix to some medications you may take. Puberty, periods, stress, makeup, family history are all factors to take in to consideration. This can all be discussed during your consultation.

STEP AWAY from the supermarket isle. I know Justin Bieber swears by it BUT, there is no one in the isles of these supermarkets talking to you about your skin and working out what you actually need.

Avoid stripping skincare products. We want a happy skin environment. The more we strip the skin, the more the skin gets stressed out and this is when problems occur.

What? When? How? Why?

This is the most important part! Understanding what products to use, when to use them, how much of the product and how often and why you’re doing this. Once we understand the why, everything makes more sense and you’re more likely to follow the treatment plan.

Whilst treating teen skin can be tricky, it isn’t impossible. It takes knowledge, time and commitment. See below for some helpful tips.



Get a professional skin consultation.

Invest in products right for you.

Cleanse your skin twice a day.

Moisturise your skin even if you feel like its oily.

Take EFAs

Change your pillow case regularly.


J x


I have had problem skin for as long as I can remember. I decided to try a facial at Bliss and after just one treatment I could see results. The owner, Jess, put me on a skincare program for 12 weeks and the change in my skin is amazing. I have my confidence back and a smile on my face. So happy!!!
Laura C.
The staff at Bliss made me feel so comfortable. I was so embarrassed about my skin and taking my makeup off but seeing the girls at Bliss over the past few months has totally changed my skin. I'm feeling more confident and i've even had a few makeup free days!
Hayley F.
I have been going to Bliss for 8 years now and I always leave happy. The girls are great and really know their stuff. Most recently I had my bridal spray tan there along with my bridesmaids and the colour was beautiful. Can’t fault the girls at Bliss. Highly recommend.
Kristen K.