Hair Removal

Eyebrow Shape - $18.00
Lip - $15.00
Eyebrow Shape & Lip - $25.00
Chin - $12.00
Sides of Face - $18.00
Full Face (eyebrow shape, lip and chin) - $38.00
Navel/Stomach Line - $14.00
Full Leg - $42.00
Half Leg - $30.00
Student Half Leg - $20.00
3/4 Leg - $35.00
Bikini - $22.00
G-String Bikini - $28.00
Full Arm - $30.00
Half Arm - $25.00
3/4 Arm - $28.00
Underarm - $15.00
**Specialising in Brazilian Waxing**

from - $38.00 if within 6 weeks of last appointment.

Vajazzling! $25.00 as a service on its own or add it to your brazilian wax treatment for only $20.00.
Why not add a little sparkle in your pants. Great idea for your anniversary, wedding night, birthday...etc.

(Hot wax is used for brazilians and bikini waxes. Strip wax is often used on the top, flat area only).

Male Waxing

Back & Shoulders - $42.00
Chest & Stomach - $42.00
Neck and Shoulders - $32.00
Buttocks - $32.00
Full Leg - $50.00
Brows - $18.00
Middle of Brow - $8.00
Speedo - $32.00
Full Arm - $48.00
Students receive 10% off all full price waxing treatments unless stated otherwise.


If you are on any type of acne medication, this includes Roaccutane and any other prescription only drug both oral and topical you MUST let your therapist know before your treatment.

Please let us know this when making your booking over the phone as well as at the time of your appointment.

Your skin is much more sensitive to waxing and it is advised to stop waxing treatments especially on the face as skin can be removed.

Plucking the eyebrows is a much better and safer option and your therapist would be happy to pluck them for you instead.
It is also advised to stop waxing for 6 months after taking some acne medication.

If you are unsure whether or not this affects you, please see your doctor.

Bliss will take no responsibility if we are not notified prior to your treatment.

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