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Cosmetic Tattoo

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Eyebrow feathering or microblading creates fine hair strokes that mimic the look of real hair. This technique helps to shape, define and fill in sparse eyebrows to create the perfect brow for your face shape.

The Hybrid Brow is an advanced technique using both machine and hand tool. It is done with a combination of feather hair strokes and a more filled in shaded look to add more depth and colour to your brows. This technique is particularly good for people with an oily skin type as the results last longer.

Ombre/Powder Brows create a powdered brow look using a machine to layer pigment in to the skin. This technique creates a makeup finished look and is particularly good for people with an oily skin type as the results last longer. The initial look is quite bold but fades 40-60% over the healing period creating a soft look.

Each client has a consultation prior to the treatment to discuss your needs. There are multiple colours available that can be mixed to create your perfect shade.

All blades used during this treatment are single use only.


Eyebrow Feathering/Microblading

Principal Artist Jessica: $650.00

Includes consultation, brow design, initial treatment and home-care instructions.

Hybrid Brow (feathering and shading) Technique - $650.00 - includes consultation, brow design, initial treatment and home-care instructions.

Ombre/Powder (powdered finish look)

Principal Artist: Jessica $650.00

Emerging Artist Courtney: $399.00

Includes consultation, brow design, initial treatment and home-care instructions.


Perfecting session 4-6 weeks after initial treatment $150

within 3 months if required $190

within 6 months $250

6-12 months $350

12-18 months $450

AFTERCARE - We recommend purchasing the Medicone Gel to use after your treatment. It provides a silicone wound dressing that acts as a protective barrier against bacteria helping the tattoo heal in the best possible environment. Available in clinic for $30.00 - apply once daily or as directed.


Lip Tattoo creates a full lip colour so all you need to do is gloss and go! This can be as subtle or intense as you like and there are a variety of different colours to choose from to achieve desired results. Initially the lips look quite bold but soften up to 80% once healed leaving a beautiful lip tint/stain effect. Simple GLOSS & GO!
This treatment lasts 2-5 years.


Full Lip Blush - $650, this includes consultation, design, initial treatment and home-care.
Perfecting Session 8 weeks after initial treatment - $150


Eyeliner tattoo can help define the eyes and give a no makeup, makeup look. Simplifying your makeup routine and making getting ready each day so much quicker.
There are a few different styles available which will be discussed during your consultation including: lash enhancement/baby liner, smokey and winged.
Results lasting 2-5years +


Designer Eyeliner/Top Eyeliner - $499

Baby Liner - $499

Lower Eyeliner only - $300

Perfecting Session 4-6 weeks after initial treatment $150.00

Designer Eyeliner:

Winged Eyeliner - $550.00

Smokey Eyeliner - $550.00

Perfecting Session 4-6 weeks after initial treatment $150.00

Touch up pricing is only available to current cosmetic tattoo clients of Beauty at Bliss.
If you have had your cosmetic tattooing treatment done elsewhere and would like your brows done by us please book a consultation appointment to discuss your options.

$100 deposit for ALL cosmetic tattoo treatments is required which is redeemable on the actual treatment.
It is a requirement to have a consultation prior to your appointment to discuss the treatment, talk about colour options, shape, expectations, aftercare.....etc


What is your cancellation policy?

Please allow 6hrs+ for any changes or cancellations. We would love to fill your appointment time if you are unable to attend and give another client the opportunity to be pampered. We have a room reservation policy in place. For clients that do not show for their appointments 50% of the appointment cost will be charged as the room has been reserved for the duration of the appointment for that client. This is due to the time being allocated to that specific client and without notice it prevents us from filling that appointment time and reserving the room for another client.
Please call 9543 2445 for any changes. Thank you!

What do I need to know before my tattoo procedure?

EXISTING COSMETIC TATTOOS: may be considered as correctional work and requires a ‘consultation only’ appointment first. Please DO NOT book in for the full treatment unless you have consulted one of our team regarding your existing cosmetic tattoos.

PREGNANCY: We do not tattoo during pregnancy.

BREAST FEEDING: We do not tattoo during breast feeding, please inquire if you’d like more information.CHEMICAL PEELS: It is recommended not to undergo any chemical peels within 2-4 weeks of either side of a cosmetic tattoo treatment.

COSMECEUTICAL SKIN CARE: Cosmeceutical products containing the following ingredients should be avoided on the area for at least 5 days before treatment and 2 wks after. NB Future use may accelerate fading of cosmetic tattoos:AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Glycolic, lactic acid), Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide, Vitamin A, Alcohol greater than 6%

INJECTABLES: Muscle relaxant injections and dermal fillers: To ensure even distribution of any cosmetic injectable, minimised bruising, and a successful result, treatment should not be performed under two weeks before or after.

ECZEMA/ DERMATITIS: If you suffer any skin hypersensitivity or dermatitis it is advisable to seek medical advice before having a cosmetic tattoo treatment.

ALLERGIES: Such as latex, rubber, medications, numbing agents, Phenylalanine (PPE): Please advise your cosmetic tattooist for further advice.

IPL/ LASER: on the area should be avoided a minimum of 4 weeks before treatment and must be completely avoided on any area that contain cosmetic tattoo pigment. Advise your laser/IPL therapist before undergoing treatments.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) assists with healing and may be beneficial after a treatment.

FACIAL SURGERY: Doctor’s permission must be sought before going ahead with a treatment after any recent facial surgery.

TOPICAL VITAMIN A: Retin-A, Tretinoin Preparations, Hydroquinone, Skin bleaching agents: may increase hypersensitivity, and the risk of scarring if used within 5 days of treatment.

ALCOHOL: avoid for at least 24hrs before the procedure to avoid excessive bleeding.

SUPPLEMENTS: Avoid the following for a week before treatment:Fish, primrose, krill oil, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba.

MEDICATIONS: If you are taking any of the following medication please consult your cosmetic tattooist before booking:Warfarin, Heparin, Aspirin, Opioid medication (Endone), Prednisone, Roaccutane (within 8-12 months), Antibiotics

DIABETES: Due to possible slower healing, please contact your cosmetic tattooist for consultation before booking.

COLD SORES: Treatment should not be conducted when active cold sores are present. The stimulation of cosmetic tattoo may increase the risk of future breakouts.

RADIATION/ CHEMOTHERAPY: To ensure your safety and comfort a Doctors permission must be sought before we can proceed with any cosmetic tattoo treatments. Please call us for more information.

EXERCISE/ GYM: After treatment you will be advised to avoid the following for at least 2 wks:chlorinated/salt water pools, high UV exposure, Sun beds, and Infra-red light exposure.

The following activities should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment: Cardio workout, excessive sweating, sauna, hot spa, spray tanning.

Does it hurt?

This is the question we get asked the most.

The treatment is really comfortable. Most people feel very little to no pain at all.

Prior to your treatment we apply the numbing gel that you have pre purchased. We do this by dry needling the area first (feels like light scratching or tweezing) and then apply the gel to completely numb the area.

We can also apply more numbing gel as required during the treatment. We also use a specialised skin conditioner throughout the treatment to aid in soothing, healing and colour retention.

How do I purchase the anaesthetic?

You comfort is our priority! We recommend ordering the below medical grade Anaesthetic, to ensure you’ll be totally comfortable throughout the entire treatment. With this, you’ll only feel a minor vibration at the area.

We work strictly within legal compliance, so are unable to supply you with medical grade pharmaceuticals however, we've made it super easy for you to arrange:


Our salon postage address is:
Beauty at Bliss
1C, 62-70 Allison Crescent NSW 2234

Please avoid purchasing numbing products from a local pharmacy. Their products are generally half the strength of what we recommend.

What is the brow preparation and aftercare?

Brow Preparation

Have your brows waxed/tidied a week before treatment.
Do not wax or tint the brows within 3 days of treatment. No tinting until 4 weeks after.
Gently exfoliate the area for up to 3 days prior, ensure the skin is well nourished.
Do not use any brow-enhancing serums for at least 30 days before treatment
Do come in with an open mind about the different techniques: after a thorough consultation your artist will advise the most suitable option.
You will be advised not to wet your brows for 5 days following treatment, I recommend washing your hair the night before.

Brow Aftercare
Each morning clean the brow area with a damp cotton tip.
Dab the area dry with a clean tissue.
Using a cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of Stratamed to the area and allow the gel to dry.
Stratamed should be dry in 5-6 minutes. Gently remove excess with a clean tissue or cotton tip.
Once dry, Stratamed may be covered by sun screen or cosmetics if you wish.
Repeat this procedure morning and night for 7 days.
Once healed, minor patchiness in colour may be present in some areas. This is normal and will be adjusted accordingly at the touch-up in 4-8 weeks. I recommend wearing brow powder or pencil to cover these areas until then.

What is the eyeliner preparation and aftercare?

Do not get the lashes tinted within 5 days of treatment.
Do get the lashes tinted 1 week prior. You will be advised not to wear mascara for the week following.
No lash extensions at the time of your appointment: Lash extensions may be applied 4 weeks after healed.
Do not use any lash-enhancing serums for at least 30 days before treatment.
If you wear contact lenses ensure they are removed and bring your glasses.
Avoid eye makeup at the time of your appointment.
Please call for further advice if you have experienced recent infection or irritation of the eyes.

Eyes Aftercare
Your eyelids will feel heavy and slightly puffy afterwards.
Swelling may be experienced the morning after. This normally subsides within 3-5 days.
Apply ice to the area immediately after treatment, for 5-10 minutes every few hours if need be. Do not apply directly to exposed skin.
Using a clean cotton tip, apply a very thin layer of aftercare to the area and allow to dry.
Do not apply mascara and other eye products to lashes for 7 days.
Do not apply lash extensions for up to 4 weeks after final treatment.
If you experience any unexpected discomfort or irritation of the eyes notify your cosmetic artist and consult a pharmacist immediately for further advice.

What is smokey eyeliner?

Smokey eyeliner leaves a soft smudged makeup look using small pixels above the liner to create a shadow.
Perfect for those that want a little extra.

What is the lip preparation and aftercare?

Lips Preparation
If you have a history of cold sores, it is essential to see your health consultant at least 4 days before your appointment and request preventative treatment.
Avoid laser hair removal on or near the area 2 weeks prior.

Lips Aftercare
You may experience some swelling for 3-5 days following treatment.
Each morning and evening gently wipe the area with a damp cotton tip then dab dry.
Using a clean cotton tip apply a thin layer of Stratacel to the area and allow the gel to dry.
Once dry, Stratacel may be covered by lipstick or cosmetics if you wish.
Apply ice for 5 minutes every few hours to reduce the swelling. Do not apply directly to broken skin.
Do not consume hot drinks or alcohol for 5 days.
If you experience any unexpected discomfort or symptoms of cold sores notify your cosmetic artist and consult a health professional immediately for further advice.

What do I need to do immediately after my appointment?

Do not touch the tattooed area with your fingers.
Gym/Exercise: The following activities should be avoided for 48 hours after treatment: cardio workout, excessive sweating, sauna, hot spa, spray tanning.
For 2 weeks following treatment: avoid, chlorinated and salt water pools, high UV exposure, sun beds, and infra-red light exposure.
Colour will appear darker than desired for 5-7 days.
No water, soap, or cleansers on the treated area for 5 days.
Avoid makeup on the treated area until healed.
Do not pick the flaking skin or formed scabs.
It is recommended that you return for a perfection visit 4-8 weeks after your treatment, for any necessary adjustments.
Excessive exposure to sun over time will cause fading, wear SPF where possible.
Certain chemicals in cleansers and moisturisers will accelerate fading and may discolour the tattoo: AHAs, BHAs, benzoyl peroxide, bleaching agents, and chemical peels must be kept away from the area.
Expected healing time: 5-8 days.

Where did the colour go?

During the healing process the tattooed area will become darker and minor scabbing will develop as a new collagen rich skin forms underneath. This new skin is slightly opaque in colour and creates a temporary veil which will make the pigment appear faded and dull. Within a week or two the new skin will settle and the colour will return. Protect and nourish this new skin as directed.


The staff at Bliss made me feel so comfortable. I was so embarrassed about my skin and taking my makeup off but seeing the girls at Bliss over the past few months has totally changed my skin. I'm feeling more confident and i've even had a few makeup free days!
Hayley F.
I have had problem skin for as long as I can remember. I decided to try a facial at Bliss and after just one treatment I could see results. The owner, Jess, put me on a skincare program for 12 weeks and the change in my skin is amazing. I have my confidence back and a smile on my face. So happy!!!
Laura C.
I have been going to Bliss for 8 years now and I always leave happy. The girls are great and really know their stuff. Most recently I had my bridal spray tan there along with my bridesmaids and the colour was beautiful. Can’t fault the girls at Bliss. Highly recommend.
Kristen K.