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Skin Consultations

The team at Beauty at Bliss offer thorough skin consultations to properly understand your skin to provide the best possible skincare plan and product recommendations.

Our new state of the art skin analyser gives us a deeper understanding of your skin.

The Observ 520x is the latest in skin diagnostic technology. During your consultation we will discuss your skin goals, go over any treatment history, current skincare routine as well as diet and medical background.

We will also go beyond the surface using the Observ 520x to take a series of skin images to assess skin texture, pigmentation, vascularity, hydration levels and oil flow. Based on our consultation and the Observ photos, we will then curate a customised treatment plan that will cover product and treatment recommendations.

These detailed images will also help us work out if any of your lifestyle factors and current regime are contributing to your skin concerns. You will leave with a detailed treatment plan including product recommendations.

It is recommended to have follow up Observe images taken during and after your program to see progress results.

Initial Observe Skin Analysis comes complete with detailed images, treatment and product recommendations and express skin treatment.

Follow up Observe Skin Analysis comes with detailed images, before and after slides and an ongoing up to date treatment plan.